What is Formily?

Are you:

  • Confused by the complicated questions on your Form E?
  • Worried about needing to spend £1,000s having it done for you?
  • Stressed about potential delays finalising your divorce?

Formily changes all this. Developed by two specialist family lawyers (who have filled out and cross-examined hundreds of Forms E in their careers), Formily is online software that decodes the gobbledegook and walks you through step-by-step.

Formily on a laptop

How can Formily help me?

For a limited time, Formily is completely free. It will help you:

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Complete your Form E in under 4 hours - when with a lawyer it could take over 2 weeks of back and forth!

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Save your progress and return as many times as you need - no need to complete it in one sitting

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Have peace of mind that your Form E is completed correctly

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Avoid delays in court - which could cost you money and time

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Create easy to print and save copies of your finished Form E, plus all the attachments, ready to send to the court and your ex-spouse

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As a bonus, Formily also uses your answers to produce a draft chronology and asset schedule - which are extra documents that help support your case in court and which you are expected to provide at your first hearing

How does it work?

Using Formily is a really simple, four-step process to downloading your completed Form E:

  1. We tell you exactly what documents and evidence you’ll need to complete the Form, saving you time and frustration
  2. Then you’ll complete your personal information online
  3. Finally, we take you through step-by-step all the information you have to provide - in plain English and with instructions on how to get an answer
  4. Save, download and print your finished Form E (and extra chronology and asset schedule)

And don’t forget you can save your progress, so you come back to finish the form at any time.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs

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Why Formily?

Formily is trusted across Family Law:

Legal Access Challenge

2019 Winners

Formily won a grant from the Legal Access Challenge, in partnership with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

We were recognised as a top innovator in making the law more accessible to the general public.

LSBU Legal Clinic

University Partnership

"Formily offers a real opportunity for those who need to access legal services in an affordable way." - Robert Hush, Solicitor & Senior Lecturer

"We are delighted to be able to partner Formily in the familylawhub @ LSBU, where students offer assistance to those who do not have a lawyer." - Andy Unger, Head of Law Division

Who created Formily?

Formily is created by Alex and Sam - two specialist family lawyers who between them have completed hundreds of Forms E.

They saw just how complicated getting all the documents right for your first court hearing can be (and how much it can hang over a case if it goes wrong). They knew there had to be an easier way… and so Formily was born.

Alex Woolley

Lawyer & Co-Founder

Alex is a specialist family law solicitor at a top London firm. He has specialised in family law since qualification and has had articles and commentary on family law published in numerous journals and newspapers one of which led to the government guidance to the Divorce Petition being amended.

Sam Littlejohns

Lawyer & Co-Founder

Sam was a specialist family law barrister at the top family finance barristers’ chambers in the country. He was shortlisted as Junior Barrister of the Year at the Family Law Awards. He has written several chapters of the leading family law textbook used by lawyers, and the Court of Appeal have quoted his work as a definitive statement of the law.

For Solicitors

Do you need to save precious lawyer-time to service your clients? Do you work on a fixed-fee model?

Formily’s intuitive software can help you get all the information that you need from your client in one go, already laid out properly in Form E.

Intrigued? Leave your details below and we will be in touch to discuss the package that will suit your firm and caseload the best.

Formily on a laptop