Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the financial remedies process can be daunting and confusing, so we have put together this FAQ to give you a helping hand and serve as the first port of call for any questions you have about using Formily.

What is a Form E?

The Form E, or Financial Statement, is the Court required financial disclosure form that all parties must use if they are going through the court financial remedies process. Parties can also choose to use it voluntarily as part of their negotiations without going to Court. 

When do I need to fill in a Form E?

If either party issues financial remedy proceedings, the Court will send both parties a ‘Notice of Proceedings’ which will include some key dates including:

    a. The date of the First Directions Appointment;

    b. The date by which the parties must exchange their Forms E with each other, and file a     copy at Court. This is usually five weeks before the First Directions Appointment is due to     take place. 

What happens if I don’t fill my Form E in properly? 

All parties in financial remedy proceedings have a duty of full, frank and clear disclosure. This means they must provide the court and the other party with all information relevant to the proceedings; the Form E (together with all the required attachments) is a key part of complying with this duty. 

If a party is found to have failed in their duty to provide full, frank and clear disclosure, the court process could be dragged out considerably, costs orders may be made against them, and, if the non-disclosure is material, any decision that the court has made (even if made by agreement between the parties) may be torn up. 

What does Formily do?

Formily breaks down and re-words each and every question in the Form E so as to make it more simple for non-lawyers to understand. If, at any point, you want to see what the original question in the Form says , however, just click ‘preview’. 

How do I access Formily?

As soon as your purchase is successful, we will send you an email containing your unique log in details for 

How do I save my progress on Formily?

How do I log out?

How do I re-open my Form E to work on it again?

How do I download/print my Form E once it is finished or share a PDF of my Form E? 

What about my Chronology and Schedule of Assets?