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Don’t waste valuable time

Although we can all make a reasonable guess, it is critical to be accurate when considering your budget. That's true whether you are providing it as part of your mortgage application, to your financial adviser, to your lawyer, to your ex-partner, to the court or just to help you understand your own spending.

You could of course try to work through lines and lines of transactions to categorise all of your spending over the past year yourself, but that can take hours of your time - or your lawyer's.

Remove the guess work

Our innovative finance tool removes the guess work. With just a few clicks we will add up and automatically categorise all of your actual spending across all of your bank accounts for any 12 month (or less) period in the past two years. We then give it to you in an easy to share and edit Excel format. No more guess work, no more looking through endless bank statements. Just an instant, accurate answer.