Don’t just complete your Forms E. Formily them.

Daunting for clients and a headache for lawyers, we hear you: filling out Forms E can be time-consuming for all involved.

The back-and-forth email chains. The scrolling through irrelevant questions. The mounting piles of paperwork – and worse, posted bank statements – on your desk. Instead of doing legal work, you’re stuck doing tedious work.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Formily is the online tool that makes Forms E a painless process for lawyers and their clients – and Litigants in Person, too – freeing up more hours for the things that matter.

Our intuitive platform makes it easy for lawyers and clients alike to complete their Form E, fast – helping you gather all the information you need to make your case, and nothing you don’t.

Sound like AI wizardry, or magic machine-learning? It’s not. It’s just pure efficiency and effortless collaboration.

Formily on a laptop

Formily is fast, effective and secure for law firms...

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You’re in control. Edit any answer, at any time – and keep track of every change your client has made, so you’re always in charge of your client’s Form E.

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Your data is secure. Our dual authentication software and easy document uploads mean unencrypted emails and posted bank statements are a thing of the past.

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You can share the load. Securely share each Form E with your colleagues – so nothing stops if you’re out-of-office.

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You get what you pay for. We only charge for the Forms E you use, and nothing more – no hidden costs or sneaky fees.

...and efficient, money-saving and digestible for your clients

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They get more of your expertise. Your clients pay you for your legal wisdom, not your form-filling skills. Formily frees up your time so you can get back to what you do best.

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They save money (and time). Formily lets clients complete their Form E in just four short hours – swerving court delays and hefty legal costs.

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They get peace of mind. Formily provides a full view of their financials and case, at a glance – meaning no nasty surprises in court.

Questions? Check out our FAQs, or drop us a line at – and let’s chat.

It works like this:

Easily digestible.

We’ve broken down every section of the Form E into words your clients understand. Plus, each part is packed with prompts and tips to help them craft a great first draft themselves, with confidence – and minimal (often not necessary) input from their lawyer.

Effortlessly efficient.

Formily gives you complete control of your clients’ evidence. Comment and edit as many times as you like and keep track of previous versions and changes – with everything saved securely in one place.

Built for collaboration.

Formily helps solicitors and clients work better, together. With in-form communication tools and every supporting document on one platform, it’s a brave new world for family law.

Let Us Help You

Meet the Family Lawyers Behind Formily

Formily was built by Alex Woolley and Sam Littlejohns – two specialist family lawyers, who between them have filled out more Forms E than most. Hundreds, to be more specific.

Day in, day out, they saw just how daunting it was for litigants-in-person and lay clients to get their documents right for their first court hearing – and how much it can delay a case and escalate costs if things went awry. They knew there had to be an easier way with Forms E – and so Formily was born, freeing up time for litigants-in-person clients and lawyers alike. In their words, it’s a ‘win-win’.

Alex Woolley

Lawyer & Co-Founder

Alex is a specialist family law solicitor at a top London firm. Specialising in family law since qualification, he has had articles and commentary on family law published in numerous journals and newspapers – one of which led to the amendment of the government guidance to the Divorce Petition.

Sam Littlejohns

Lawyer & Co-Founder

In a previous life, Sam was a specialist family law barrister at the leading family finance barristers’ chambers in the UK and now works for the Government as a Senior Lawyer. He was shortlisted as Junior Barrister of the Year at the Family Law Awards; has written several chapters of the leading law textbook used by family lawyers; and has had his work quoted by the Court of Appeal as a definitive statement of the law.

We’re Recognised and Celebrated In The World of Family Law

Legal Access Challenge

2019 Winners

Formily were recognised as a top innovator in making the law more accessible to the general public – winning a grant from the Legal Access Challenge, in partnership with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

LSBU Legal Clinic

University Partnership

We’ve proud partners of the Family Law Hub at London South Bank University, where we help students offer pro-bono assistance to those without access to lawyers.

"Formily offers a real opportunity for those who need to access legal services in an affordable way." " - Robert Hush, Solicitor & Senior Lecturer