Why Formily?

For a limited time, Formily is completely FREE. All we ask in return is you give us feedback once you've used it. Formily will help you:

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Complete your Form E in under 4 hours - when with a lawyer it could take over 2 weeks of back and forth!

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Save your progress and return as many times as you need - no need to complete it in one sitting

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Have peace of mind that your Form E is completed correctly

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Avoid delays in court - which could cost you money and time

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Create easy to print and save copies of your finished Form E, plus all the attachments, ready to send to the court and your ex-spouse

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As a bonus, Formily also uses your answers to produce a draft chronology and asset schedule - which are extra documents that help support your case in court and which you are expected to provide at your first hearing

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Why is Formily Free?

Formily is currently in its BETA phase - meaning we are still making improvements to the platform.

Don't worry - this doesn't mean that you can't use the Form E you produce. Quite the opposite!

What we are testing is how user friendly the platform is (which is why we want your feedback). So for now, whilst we make sure it's really slick to use, we are pausing the usual £199 and asking you for your opinion. In exchange you'll get a fully completed Form E, draft chronology and asset schedule ready for you to submit to court.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at info@formily.co.uk